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What Is Macro Photography & How To Master It

What Is Macro Photography & How To Master It

Macro photography is a type of commercial photography that deals with close-up shots of small objects. It can be practiced in an open environment as well as inside the studio. Generally, most photographers take shots of bugs, insects, small flowers, etc., intending to manifest them differently. The ultimate thing about macro photos is that it takes away the viewers in the next world. Nowadays, macro photography is not limited to natural objects; many commercial photographers in Bristol and other regions worldwide also use to take pictures of still life macro objects, such as jewellery and small decorative pieces. In addition, many online sellers hire such photographers to click detailed pictures of their product. It helps the viewer to explore the vital details of the product, which eventually increases sales. 

To capture clear and crisp macro shots, photographers need to get closer to the subject or invest in zoom lenses. Of course, if you shoot small objects just for fun, then it’s okay to use normal DSLR and lenses. But, in case you want to make a career as a macro photographer, it is essential to buy high-quality lenses, cameras and other accessories. In this article we will give some tips which will help you to become a great macro photographer.

  • Choose Your Subject Wisely

Yes, macro photography is indeed all about shooting small objects, but it doesn’t mean every tiny thing looks great when captured closely. To succeed as a macro photographer, you need to choose your subject wisely. Unfortunately, some people click such objects which are out of the viewer’s grasp. It makes no sense to photograph them because how could viewers appreciate those things which they don’t understand. 

  • Don’t Hesitate To Use Longer Focal Length

When it comes to shooting living objects, you must always use lenses whose focal length is long enough. It allows you to get closer to the object without disturbing their natural environment and results in ultimate photos. You can buy the zoom lens of any renowned brand whose focal length is more than 90 mm.

  • Focus On In-Camera Composition

Another important thing to consider in a macro-photoshoot is In-camera composition. It is nothing but the way in which the elements of the image are arranged. As a savvy photographer, it is vital to learn how to position and arrange all objects effectively in a single frame before taking the picture. It is because cropping can degrade the quality of the macro-clicks and affect their resolution. In lieu of opting for cropping, it is better to use magnification lenses while photographing to restore the original resolution. 

  • Invest In Tripod

It is impossible to capture blur-free photos of tiny creatures and still-life objects without a tripod. So, do not delay in buying a heavy-duty and robust tripod. This equipment provides you with a stable base for mounting the camera. It will take your macro photography to the next level and keep you ahead in the competition. 

  • Keep Everything Tidy

The zoom lenses will not only capture the minute details of the main subject but can also make the dust particles, pet hairs and stains ultra-visible. So, it is advisable to clean your subject and its area deeply before pressing the shutter.

  • Experiment With Background

Don’t hesitate to experiment with the background when you are shooting with macro. It is not possible to change themes in the outside environment, but you can try different effects in the background to make the image more captivating in the studio.

  • Use Flash Light When Required

According to the best commercial photographers, there is no harm to use a flashlight in macro shots, especially in outdoor shoots. The reason is that sometimes you need a supplementing light to enhance the subject (while shooting in the evening time, dark nights and cloudy days). Many people think that it is a bad idea to use a flashlight as it’s quite harsh. However, you can take the help of a diffuser or any translucent white sheet to give a soft touch to the flashlight. 

The Bottom Line -:

Although macro photography is very rewarding, it is difficult for beginners to capture the miniature perfectly. But you can master this skill by practicing hard; Click a lot of photos of the tiny things around you. As said, “practice makes a man perfect”, it fits perfectly with macro photography.