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What is the best way to trek Everest Base Camp?

What is the best way to trek Everest Base Camp?
  • Introduction
  • Independent trek or package tour: Things to take into account
  • Everest Base Camp trek cost
  • Staying safe on Everest Base Camp trek
  • Planning Everest Base Camp trek
  • Summary


The Everest Base Camp trek (5,400 m) is one of the most spectacular treks in the world. For a good reason: Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks offer breathtaking views that words cannot describe. 

The trek to the base of the world’s highest mountain is an amazing adventure that creates memories for a lifetime. In addition to the stunning sceneries, this trek has a lot to offer from a cultural point of view. 

You can visit ancient monasteries, get a glimpse into the Himalayan Mountain life and discover the Sherpa traditions. On top of that, the beauty of the Sagarmatha National Park captures every nature lover’s heart. You’ve read and heard enough about this trek and finally, want to make things happen? But what is the best way to trek to Everest Base Camp? This article summarizes the most important points to make planning easier for you.

Independent trek or package tour: Things to consider:

Actually, there is no set definition of the “best” way to trek to Everest Base Camp. You can either trek to Everest Base Camp independently or choose a guided trek. Both options have their own advantages. At the end of the day, it all depends on your individual preferences and priorities. To help your decision making, let’s have a closer look at the main aspects to take into account:

Everest Base Camp trek cost:

Trekkers who choose to trek independently, do so for budget reasons in most cases. Indeed, an individual trek is a bit cheaper than a pre-arranged tour. Some decide to trek entirely on their own without a guide or a porter. That is totally fine.

However, remember that Nepal has been severely shaken by the Covid-19 crisis, and guides and porters have been jobless for a long time. If you hire a guide and/or porter, you contribute to helping the country to get back on its feet. You can even go one step further and get everything arranged by a trekking agent. 

The Everest Base Camp trek cost for a package can range between 1,200 and 3,000 USD. It all depends on your personal requirements, the duration of the trek, and the level of service. A tour package usually includes domestic flights (around 400 USD), permits (50 – 100 USD), accommodation, food, and your porter and guide.

Staying safe on Everest Base Camp trek:

The way to Everest Base Camp is easy to find and well frequented. In other words: The risk of getting lost for an independent trekker is relatively low. People are friendly and will assist you if you need help. 

However, having your own guide has important advantages: An experienced guide knows the specifics of the region; Hence, he can anticipate risks and react as necessary. This includes the weather, which is often underestimated. 

Your guide also knows the difficulties of the route and can set the pace so you reach your goals safely. In terms of altitude sickness, he is your best advisor. And in case of an accident, you have someone by your side who will take care of everything – because logistics should be the last thing on your mind if something goes wrong. To summarize: Even though trekking independently is possible, a guide is your best option for staying safe on the Everest Base Camp trek

Planning Everest Base Camp trek

The biggest advantage of planning an Everest Base Camp trek with an agent is peace of mind. That way, you can rely on an expert who takes care of all the logistics. Especially in terms of transport, things get chaotic sometimes. Domestic flights can get canceled due to bad weather conditions. 

If you book a trekking package, your agent is there to assist you and work out a plan B. A big relief if your schedule is tight. Your agent also takes care of all the permits and entrance fees. This saves you a lot of time and running around before you can start your adventure. Last, but not least, you don’t need to take care of your accommodation – everything will be arranged for you. In other words: You can fully focus on your big adventure and leave the logistics to a trustworthy expert.


It is not mandatory to hire a guide or book a tour for the Everest Base Camp trek. However, it is worthwhile to consider a pre-arranged package. Even though it is slightly more expensive than an independent trek, it offers great advantages. Leaving the planning to an expert, you can just enjoy your holiday. 

In preparation for your trip, you have a reliable contact person who can assist you. During the trek, your guide is there for you in any case. If something goes wrong, you will get immediate help. Most importantly, your local guide is not “just” a guide. He is your travel buddy who can introduce you to the Nepali culture and share unforgettable moments with you. Last, but not least, your guide will do his best to keep you safe and help you reach your goal.