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What is the status message on WhatsApp?

What is the status message on WhatsApp?

Absolutely, the term status describes whether you are free, busy or offline. As just like Facebook, there is no green light dot sign to show online or offline in WhatsApp. The idea of WhatsApp status was thought on the base that when a person will be available, he will mention it through a status on WhatsApp.
but with the passage of time, people changed the style of status completely, as they are using some proverbs, best WhatsApp quotes, attitude, videos, poetry or wishing someone for some special events like an anniversary, birthday and so on. In this article, we will discuss what is the status message on WhatsApp according to a different point of views

  • Simply, WhatsApp Status is something to show you in front of others your current situation such as you are online, available or busy or driving but now a day, there is nothing like this on WhatsApp status. It is only a text that is connected to your WhatsApp contact to mention your current happening. 
  • Do you think what people know about you? It is generally done with WhatsApp status. Occasionally, if you are not available and need to inform others that, “do not disturb me, urgent calls only” Or “I am going to someplace for important matter”, but these messages are not sent to everyone, so WhatsApp status is a best and short solution for this.  

Man is considered as a social animal. As the years passed, the development has crafted the diamond f

ROM the charcoal. Every odd word we use, sketch we draw while sitting in classrooms bored and description of our parts of the body is a collection of our behavior and the present condition. The same case is in IPTV Channels it also describes the type of position he/ she owned. 

  • The important thing due to which WhatsApp status was created is to tell other people whether it is a suitable time to communicate with you or not or if they should wait for your reply. The main benefit of WhatsApp stats is that when some people are sleeping and they mention it on WhatsApp status hence people after seeing their status do not disturb them. Hence, people can respond to you according to your WhatsApp status. 
  • Irrespective of this situation that WhatsApp status is current condition’s alternate online description, recently, people have started writing their personal feelings in terms of poetry, video or animations. 

  • In another point of view, WhatsApp status is a method to describe your feelings point through image, text or video.
  • It is very easy but enhances your many things to others. With the help of best WhatsApp quotes you can:
  • describe your present situation of mind
  • expose your thoughts
  • deliver best Wishes
  • Cheating girlfriend with broken Heart.
  • With the help of this, you can counter your friend on their status.
  • In other words, it can be considered Silent War to some extent in some cases. 
  • With all our saved contacts in the phonebook, WhatsApp status produces a way for us to communicate socially with all of them who are in our contact list.