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What Should I do After a Workout to Build Muscles?

What Should I do After a Workout to Build Muscles?

If you think you are done once you are done lifting weights in a gym, then you are mistaken. Your post-exercise routine makes a huge difference on the results. This article discusses what you need to do after a workout in order to build muscles.   

Relax & Stretch

Do not just walk out of the gym once you have completed your workout routine. Spare some time to cool down before hitting the road towards home. Do light stretching to relax your mind and body. 

Mark Spades from MR ALPHA suggests relaxing a little bit. “Take a matt and lie down on it for a bit. Meanwhile, stretch your limbs as it will help with post-workout recovery. This will also normalize your body temperature, heartbeat, sweat rate, and flow of blood in your veins.”   

Grab a foam roller

Foam rollers support the angular movement of your body while stretching. This might require a bit of effort but in the end, it will be all more productive and rewarding. Foam rollers will stretch those muscles as well which will not be affected in a simple stretch.   

Have a glass of water

Grab a glass of water and drink in small gulps with two or three pauses to normalize your body. This post-workout routine will eliminate dehydration issues in your body. As a result, you will be able to grow bigger and stronger.  

Have Protein Shake

A good amount of amino acid is vital for muscle recovery after a challenging workout routine. Protein shakes complete your body’s requirements of amino acids. Moreover, they also provide enough amount of protein which is needed to build muscles. So, a protein shake is a must-have thing after a workout. 

Take Proper Meal

Lifting weights in the gym isn’t enough for you to develop muscles. Your food intake determines a lot about your physical fitness. A common perception is that your diet accounts for almost 80% of your fitness whereas your time in the gym accounts for the rest. Therefore, you should always take a proper meal after the workout.

Eat probiotic  

You need to have a strong immunity system in order to develop muscles. And to make sure that your guts are working right, you should have a regular intake of probiotic after hitting the gym. You can either have yogurt or kimchi for the purpose. However, several types of tablets are also present in the market for the purpose.

Eat collagen developers

You should look out to having food which helps in collagen development. Collagen makes connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons in your body. Therefore, healthy collagen is a necessity for developing big muscles. Eat food which includes meat, fish, meat broth, etc. to develop necessary collagen after a workout. This will boost your muscular recovery and help in developing big muscles.  

Add variety to your food

This goes without saying that you should incorporate a variety into your food in order to stay healthy and develop some muscles. Surprise your stomach every day by adding something new to your post-workout meal.

Plan for tomorrow

Plan for tomorrow because you cannot develop a good physique if you do not have a proper plan. So, once you are done with today’s workout and had your intake of protein and food, it is time for you to sit and strategize for tomorrow. Make a combination of exercises in your mind that you are to do tomorrow. If you just randomly do any exercise daily, it won’t help you reach anywhere with your body. 

Go to Sleep

Your body needs rest in order to recover torn muscles and also to develop new ones. So, you should try to sleep as early as possible at night. Once you develop a habit of sleeping early, you will notice rapid improvements in your physique; your muscle size will increase.   

Final Thoughts

Your post-workout routine is as important as the workout itself. Once you are done with the main exercises, sit down and stretch. Have a glass of water followed by the protein shake. Once you reach home, have a good meal. Then sit down for a bit and strategize for the next day. Go down to sleep early and get up bigger every next day.