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What to do with old Makeup and Cosmetics?

What to do with old Makeup and Cosmetics?

Every girl has splurged on cosmetics, makeup, and skincare products at some point or perhaps far too many times if we’re being real. When you’re visiting your favorite shopping mall or looking at online catalogs, it is hard to resist the glitzy collection of brand new beauty products. You repeatedly assure yourself that one more eye shadow palette won’t hurt or that you absolutely need that shade of lipstick you are only going to wear once. Most of us are willing to max out our credit cards when our favorite brand puts on a sale.

We all want the flawless skin we see in advertisements of skincare products, so we buy everything on the list from a simple face wash to the overpriced anti-aging night serum every celeb is raving about. Unfortunately, we don’t get to use all the stuff we accumulate, given that there’s a limit to how much can be applied to one person; also, most products on sale are nearing their expiry date.

Is it Expired or just Not Looking Good?

If the makeup/cosmetic is way past its expiry date, stinks, and appears murky, it is best to throw it away. You don’t know how its chemical composition has changed over the years and what toxic properties might have developed. If you suffer harm because of an expired product, you don’t have a usable personal injury claim. Nevertheless, you can always salvage the bottle or container of the product, which is most probably non-biodegradable plastic/glass, or metallic. The containers can be used at home to store other things, such as jewelry items, or you can send them to a local recycling center.

In case the makeup/cosmetic has not yet expired, but you think that it shouldn’t be put on the face anymore, it can be reinvented for another purpose. Liquid beauty products typically have a shorter shelf life, so they deteriorate rapidly once the seal is broken and the internal contents are contaminated. Every time you uncap a tube or jar, germs are deposited inside. Similarly, every time your lipstick is in contact with your mouth or the mascara applicator brushes your lashes, bacteria/micro-organisms are transferred. Therefore, even if your lipsticks and mascara look fine, it is better to discontinue use after around six months.

Up-cycling old Makeup and Cosmetics

Liquid and semi-solid makeup gone bad can be used for arts and crafts. Dried-out lipsticks could be used as crayons and liquid gloss is a decent substitute for oil-based paint. You could also rejuvenate dried lipsticks by melting them in a pot and adding Vaseline to make brand new lip balm. Worn-out and stained makeup brushes can be used for painting as well. Another makeup item that can be reused in many different ways is a mascara brush. All you have to do is wash it and put it aside; this clean brush can be used to brush off excess pigment from lashes, shape eyebrows, tame stray hairs, or as a lip scrubber.

If you have dry makeup pigments (powdered/cake eye shadow, blush-on, lip color, etc.), which have been sitting around for years, you may not have to toss them into the trash. Dry beauty products normally have a longer shelf life, and might not look depreciated past the expiration date. If you barely used them and the shades are promising, you can make nail polish out of them. Invest in a few cheap bottles of clear nail polish and mix in the old pigments; add thinner to get the consistency right. You can create a unique range of nail colors and keep your friends guessing.

Any nail polishes and varnishes you no longer want to use can also be utilized in artwork. They can be applied as glitter glue and act as a shiny coat. Nail polish can be used to decorate stuff you make from clay or play-dough. You can use it to mark and color code items, such as household keys and electric switches.

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