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What’s New in Printing Technology

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The digital printing market is presumed to be valued at $28.85 billion by 2023. Suffice to say that failure to adapt to this Upgrading market could have a drastic impact on a business’ bottom line. Today’s digital printing technologies era have become better since the last few years, offering fast, top quality designs at reasonable costs. Due to this, an increasing number of printing companies are making the switch. Check out some Current upward trends that are going to be most effective.

3D Printing

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The most prominent form of printing technology which you will come across today is 3D printing. Surely you would have probably heard about this advancement in technology.  There are a lot of individuals who are curious about 3D printing and the impact of it in various industries, from the medical field, fashion, food industry, and architecture.

a) Apparel

One can customize their t-shirts to represent their particular beliefs, thoughts, and ideas. Basically, you can print on any kind of cloth of

Most of the brands like Iris Van, Adidas, and Anouk Wipprecht are using 3D printing and also implementing on their sneakers.

b) Health

3D printing has influenced healthcare, which sometimes looks like something straight from a movie. There are others studying how to print much more complicated organs than just our skin.

c) Restaurants

You will find that a few restaurants chefs are also using 3D printing to elevate the customer experience. This is done in terms of designing a few foods.

d). Construction

One of the most open fields which have implemented the use of 3D-printing is architecture.

Voice Control Technology Impact in Print

Now, we have voice assistants such as Siri which can do anything. They have recently become very popular. So, due to this, it has also helped to enhance the functionality and the capabilities of the printers.

Water-based printing

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Beyond nanography, we’ll be monitoring the development of water-based printing as well. Due to its advance features for large-format rigid media, this is a field that’s attracting much interest.

Another important advantage of water-based printing is the greater respect for the media’s characteristics: for instance, if we print on wood, you can still see its grain; the same goes for plastics with special textures.


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In the coming year, we’ll look closely on the available technological platforms and will further evaluate fabric printing. Digital fabric printing has introduced a new world to architects and interior designers, offering infinite possibilities for custom furnishings. It can also be used for

The road towards a smart factory

We’ve gone through this path for some years now, and we’ll continue along the same path in 2020, with target specifically on large-format rigid-

Fully automated handling, labeling, tracking, and just-in-time packaging are just a few pillars of our not-so-distant future factory!The project for remaking the production of large-format rigid media has closely involved our most important technology partners and has been enthusiastically backed and promoted by senior management.