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When Should I Hire Structural Engineers?

When Should I Hire Structural Engineers?

Buying or building a new home of your own is expensive. You will have to spend a huge sum of money even when you decide about a house remodel. Either you grow tired of the outlook or the house just gets too old and is in dire need of renovation. Whatever the case may be, a structural engineer will come into the equation. 

Most of us are unfamiliar with the occupation and are not sure why do we need them. If you pay a little attention to the title, it is clear that these guys must be highly qualified to get a degree and be called engineers. 

Let us dive into the top 12 reasons why people hire professionals from Houston structural engineering firms.

Reasons to Hire Structural Engineers

  • Adding A New Room

Some of the house remodeling projects rely on minor changes in building structure. At times you may need to add a new room in your house for accommodating a new family member.

 Most of the homeowners do not realize that adding a new room can alter the balance of external and internal forces acting on the house. A structural engineer will help you with the space utilization in the safest possible way.

  • Demolishing A House Wall

 There comes a time when you just can’t live with a wall of your home. You just need a larger space in your living room or the wall blocks the aesthetic appeal of your house and it needs to be eliminated.

 If you are a smart homeowner, you would never risk demolishing the wall without the consent of a structural engineer. The wall could be the load-bearing member of the house structure and removing it can affect the durability of the building.

  • Building Out

Expanding your house outwards is a popular trend. It involves adding a new room on the ground floor but slightly away from the main building.

The new room could take up your lawn space and you may need a bit more of foundation material. The suggested course of action begins with hiring a structural engineer for building out.

  • Building Up

The additions could also be vertical. When you want to build a new story of your house building it is essential to pay attention to the load-carrying structural system.

A structural engineer is a professional that can help you by analyzing live load, dead load, and environmental stresses such as winds and storms. The engineers will perform foundation inspection in Houston Texas to check whether it can hold the weight or not.

  • Adding Weight Bearing Items

There is an acceptable weight per square for every building structure. You didn’t know that, right? Most of us do not. When we are unaware of such implications it is normal to overburden the structure. It is unsafe for the long term.

If you are thinking of adding a large fish aquarium or a swimming pool on your roof, better consult a structural engineer for safe decisions. The professionals could assess your house for its strength and capacities.

  • Installing Prefabricated Structures

Most of the prefabricated structures are built after a structural engineer has analyzed them. But it often happens that a homeowner needs to install these materials beyond the entailed plans.

When you are about to do that, take a break and contact the nearest structural engineering firm. They can inspect the load-bearing abilities of the prefabricated structure and the best possible options.

Adding floating slabs in extended house structures is a popular trend. It is high risk and potentially dangerous to do so without consulting a structural engineer.

  • Replacing A Deck

If you build a house deck without getting proper permits from local authorities, you may get a visit from city building officials. When the decks are not built according to the building compliance codes or without permits, they could be demolished.

The first step before building a house deck is to get a permit. The next step is to design a deck for your home. You can use help from an architect, drafting service or a contractor.

When you want a plan with minimum risk of rejections from the city building officials, hire a structural engineer to do the deed.  

  • Building Custom Designs

Each of us a unique vision for our home. It can be a simple and traditional building or it may include domes. When it comes to building structures for your home the structural engineer will have to be involved. The efforts will be a bit more than the traditional house designs but it will be worth it.

They can size out the appropriate beams, header, and joists from the roof to the foundations. An engineer is supposed to provide a detailed foundation layout after assessing the soil conditions and climate.

  • Adding A Sunroom

The sunroom is a chic addition to any building. Constructing a sunroom is different from other rooms and you might need the services of a structural engineer to plan a basic layout.

  • Before Selling or Buying A Home

When you are planning to buy or sell a home, you cannot take unnecessary risks. Request inspection services from structural engineers. It can prevent you from paying extra fines.

  • Foundation Inspection

It is quite disturbing to observe any kind of significant structural movement in your house. Foundation leaks can affect the integrity of a building like nothing else. A structural engineer can guide you on managing such situations.  

  • Before Solar Panel Installation

Going green is the best thing we can do in our environment. Hire a structural engineer in Houston before installing solar panels on your roof to avoid inconveniences later.