Which car tyres brands are best suited for the UAE?

Which car tyres brands are best suited for the UAE?

Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE need only one kind of car tyres – Summer Tires! These tires are engineered with a specialized hard rubber compound which becomes supple when driven, thereby giving excellent traction in dry conditions. 

The UAE has an all year round summer weather and these summer car tires are great, but the tires tend to build up temperature caused due to the friction with the asphalted road. This temperature built up has to be dissipated or it can be extremely damaging to the tires.  The damage could range from quicker tread wear to fatal tyre blowouts while driving!

Tire blowout related accidents account for the majority of road accident causes in the UAE. The Department of Transport ensures the tire quality on an annual basis. But that is just not enough to keep yourself safe from any untoward incident on road.

The best tyres for your vehicle that can withstand the heat by resisting the temperature build-up and give you continued good driving experience is not stipulated by any particular brand, but by a universally accepted tyre rating system. It is called the Uniform Tire Quality Grading commonly abbreviated as UTQG, is the term encompassing a set of standards for passenger car tires that measures a tire’s treadwear, temperature resistance, and traction.

The best car tyres for the prevalent heat in the UAE are tyres with the UTQG rating for temperature resistance as “A” anything less than that – B or C will not do for the country’s conditions. Even B may be accepted but ‘C’ grading is downright illegal to sell.

International tyre brands vying for market share are Pirelli Tyres Dubai, Nitto Tires, Roadstone as well. These tires can be bought through many of their suppliers with a tyre shop or these car tyres can be bought online through reputed tire sellers, who guarantee quality tires along with great tire services like any time, anywhere tyre delivery and tyre fitment services.

If you are on the lookout for UTQG temperature resistance ‘A’ rated tyres, here are a few suggestions for excellent summer performance tires that can not only enhance your driving experience but also ensure safety on the heated UAE roads.

Pirelli tyres Dubai – Pirelli PZero Nero GT Tyres

The P Zero Nero GT is for those keen to adorn their medium-large sedans and sporty cars with the Pirelli superstar tyre P Zero. Optimised materials and tread designs to deliver great traction in both dry and wet conditions. The P Zero Nero GT’s compound has a well-balanced content of silica to enhance its wear resistance, without compromising the sportive look. It’s UTQG rating is AA – Traction, A -Temperature resistance & 280 – Treadwear.

Nitto Tires Dubai – Nitto NT05

Nitto’s NT05 is a max performance tire, made to enhance the power and confidence of your speedster car. Nitto’s NT05 has a wide centre rib flanked by large tread shoulder blocks separated by deep longitudinal grooves that have been aggressively engineered to give you precise and responsive handling, stability and performance. Wide contact patch with the center rib along with shoulder blocks delivers excellent dry traction. Even the tire tread compounds added with reinforced internal construction have been designed to ensure predictable cornering, handling, and excellent dry traction to inspire confidence and complement your powerful machine. Nitto NT05 is an excellent street tire to elevate your racing game. Its UTQG rating is A – Traction, A – Temperature Resistance & 200 – Treadwear.

Roadstone Tires Dubai – Roadstone Nfera SU1

NFera SU1 one of Roadstone’s premier offerings in the passenger car segment. It is an excellent summer tire to navigate your way through storm or desert road. Its four wide longitudinal grooves water exits quickly increasing traction and it’s lateral grooves help with improved wet performance and hydroplaning. Shoulders are optimized to provide maximum grip while cornering and the three centre blocks increase stability. In all a great tire for your everyday commuting needs guaranteeing safety and comfort. and UTQG AA- Traction, A – Temperature Resistance & 300 – Treadwear.

There are plenty more car Tyres options which you could choose but we have brought for you the best option to choose.