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Which Non-alcoholic Perfume Should Purchase?

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Alcohol-free fragrances are totally different than usual alcohol-based perfumes when it comes to the ingredients nature. These perfumes are made with essential oils which make them perfect for sensitive skin and combination skin. In the usual fragrances, scented oil is mixed with alcohol to make the fragrance strong and long-lasting, but alcohol-free fragrances offer a completely different combination. But there are some advantages of using non-alcoholic perfumes:

Alcohol-free fragrances offer consistent scent, as there is no alcohol in it, then there is no risk of evaporation. As a result, the fragrance effect remains the same for a longer time. These scents usually last up to 5- 10 hours.

Some advantages of Non-Alcoholic perfumes

  • Non-Alcoholic fragrances are the best options for sensitive skin individuals.
  • People with the most sensitive skin which is allergic to almost every perfume can use these non-alcoholic fragrances without any risk of skin irritation.
  • These perfumes help the dryness in the skin and often are part of skincare.
  • These fragrances are made out of pure essential oils.
  • Non-alcoholic fragrances have a longer shelf life but you need to store them in a special space.
  • Non-alcoholic fragrances can be called an Attar. Depending on your skin type you must select the natural oil-based fragrances for day to day purposes. 

How to select no-alcohol perfumes for personal use

  • Make your purchase from a reputable store, whether you will buy it online or offline.
  • Ask for professional help and check the ingredients before buying and a professional store always recommended for natural oil-based fragrances.

Always know your skin type and try the oil on your skin as these oil-based fragrances create different scents/effects for different people which is practically depends on the skin type.

  1. Try a small tester first to know the subtle effect.
  2. Use them with the cotton balls only and do not apply these non-alcohol perfumes by bare hands.
  3. Read the product details and description before placing your order as it will help you to pick the right fragrance.
  4. Always read the product reviews for a better understanding.

How to use Non-alcoholic fragrances

It is essential to use any beauty-based product after reading its directories and how to use it. The same goes for oil-based perfumes and one must use them according to its directives. 

  • Apply the fragrance on your joints and pulses.
  • Take a drop of product and apply it behind the ear lobe, neckline,    backside of the knee, etc. for long-lasting results.

Use them as per instructions such as summer fragrances for summer and winter fragrances for winter: these natural oil-based perfumes have the capacity to cool or heat your body accordingly.

Perfume booth maintains a wide range of Non-alcoholic perfumes from the some of the well-known brands around the world. Attars are usually made out of natural essential oils. 

Perfumes are usually produced up with essential oils and alcoholic ingredients. Alcohol is the main ingredient in fragrances. There is a specific role of alcoholic ingredients in the scents. Alcohol is used in perfumes to produce long-lasting and strong fragrance. 

If you spray those fragrances on your skin they will produce a strong smell for an hour or two, but soon after they start to lose their fragrance. You won’t be ready to scent these aromas after 3-4 hours completely. Alcoholic and Non Alcohol Perfumes oils have a difference in their packaging techniques including pricing factors as well. Well known non- alcoholic perfumes come in small bottles and those bottles usually are pretty simple and usual. 

On the other hand, alcoholic fragrances come with beautiful packaging to attract their target customers. The bottles containing alcohol-based perfumes are highly attractive and uniquely designed as the main purpose of it is to attract customers. Alcoholic perfumes are commercially sold which is why these perfumes have high pricing.

Islam does not permit any alcoholic ingredient to be used in perfume. It is usually prohibited in the Quran for various reasons. If a Muslim wants to use an attar and oil-based perfumes that are 100% alcohol-free in nature, they can use them. If you want to buy a non-alcoholic perfume online, then you should check out Perfume Booth.com as there are several options to choose from. 

Type of your skin

Perfumes are usually made out of essential oils and alcoholic ingredients. Alcohol is one of the most common and mainly used elements in fragrances. The other elements in perfume may include various sets of aromas and water. Water must be added to the perfume to balance the concentration level. A strong perfume often contains 15-20% essential oil.

There is a specific reason why one must include alcoholic ingredients in perfume. Alcohol is added to the fragrance to make its smell stronger and long-lasting. Eau de Cologne has the lowest oil concentration and which is why alcohol is added to the colognes to make their scent strong and long-lasting. The percentage of alcohol is less in most of the perfumes.