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Why Install A Car GPS Locator

Why Install A Car GPS Locator

Practical, simple and advanced car GPS locator models, from the most economical with easy installation to the most advanced car locators. No fees, no permanence, high precision and 100×100 reliability. There are car GPS trackers that includes App We Track as a vehicle locator with their device hardware for free.

These locators are aimed at both companies and individuals. If you are an individual or an entrepreneur this is your product. Taiwanese technology within reach of any pocket to have absolute control over your car. With this GPS car locator you can see times, routes, average speeds, route history and much more. And above all, it is a car locator in case your vehicle is stolen and retrieved as soon as possible.

The most expensive includes advanced functions such as the possibility of installing an electronic circuit breaker, battery integrated in the GPS locator itself, history with routes up to 3 days, notice of vehicle vibration, warning if the vehicle leaves a radio, etc. This locator requires installation by a professional and the average installation price with all functions is around € 100 / installation

How does the GPS car locator work?

GPS si card

Very simple, once installed, you get a SIM card with balance and data in the car GPS locator. We recommend buying a Simyo operator card as it offers a data plan for € 1 / month that is sufficient for the locator to work well. Once the SIM is placed we will link our locator with our mobile phone in 3 simple steps. From now on we can locate our car in two ways:

WeTrack App:

You can download the free WeTRack APP for IOS and Android. Once downloaded you have to introduce the IMEI (serial number of the locator) and nominate a password and you can then access a map of the position of your vehicle and the advanced functions can be found in the menu.  You can turn off the car from the mobile phone thanks to the electronic car circuit breaker installed using the GPS locator.

GPS Yeah website: You are also able to access the location of the vehicle through the GPS Yeah tracking platform where we can see on a map where our vehicle is, advanced functions, history of the routes of the last three days, etc.


There are numerous brands and many types of GPS locators. Most brands offer an initial payment for the cheap locator and an expensive monthly maintenance which after 4-5 months is an important expense and let’s not say if we have the service for 1 year or more. They also do not include advanced functions such as electronic circuit breakers and most are connected to the OBD of the car which makes it easy for the thief to find the locator and remove it. 

These GPS car locators have the Japanese technology (the most advanced in the world for anti-theft and location systems) that achieve an accuracy of plus or minus 1 meter, with a lifetime fee of € 25 (paid once and now). The installation of these car GPS trackers, can be done anywhere in the car, from the trunk, to the engine, behind the frame, in the ventilation system … since they only require a positive and negative power to connect and power them. In any part of the car that passes a cable it can be installed for what makes the thief very difficult to find it since each installer will put it in the place that he considers convenient. In addition, thanks to its integrated continuous charging battery, even if all the cables of the car are cut to prevent the locator from continuing to operate, it will continue to emit a signal for 2 days.

Summary of reasons why we will choose our locators:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Integrated battery.
  3. Installation in any area of ​​the vehicle. Custom installation
  4. Electronic circuit breaker
  5. Low maintenance fee (€ 25 for life, paid only once).
  6. Japanese location technology (the best).
  7. Route history: even if they set a divider, the route will be saved to the last position.
  8. App and web platform for use and control.

Formerly the accuracy of these devices was bad, they had an accuracy of about 100 meters. Currently the precision of the GPS locator only has a tiny margin of error of 1 meter. Take advantage of our opportunities and update yourself!


Have you considered installing GPS locator in your vehicle?

It is one of the most elaborate anti-theft systems and with more benefits that we can find today. It is a device designed to protect the car and ensure tranquility to its owners.

Although all car manufacturers are already trying to make cars safe, robberies remain one of the main concerns of vehicle owners, so the sale of technological accessories that offer greater safety and comfort are still booming.

Do the GPS car locators have maintenance?

Normally all companies sell you a cheap car GPS locator and then they charge you a high maintenance fee (€ 3-10). If you make accounts the GPS locator will be very expensive, do not be fooled! It is much better to buy a ZesfOr  locator which does not have a maintenance fee, you only pay for the GPS locator in advance. You can find the entire range of locator on the website.

Is it easy to install the GPS Car locator?

It depends a lot on the functions we want. If we only want to locate the vehicle then the installation is easy, we just have to put a positive and negative continuous and ready. If we want to activate the special functions as electronic circuit breaker then we will have to go to a professional. The average installation price with special functions will be about € 120.

What is the Electronic Currents?Type 3 car GPS locators of the Zesfor brand have a special function that is the electronic circuit breaker. This serves to not steal your car. Once installed it is driven from the App from which we can turn off the vehicle. In this way when we park the car we will activate it and no one can take the car even by putting the original keys. It is very useful and prevents most vehicle thefts. In addition this incorporates another special function whereby if you mount your car on a crane or someone hits it, it alerts you to the mobile instantly.

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