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Why should I choose ISTEEL?

Why should I choose ISTEEL?

Building one’s dream home is at the apex of wish list for almost everyone. While it is important to build a house that is aesthetically and visually appealing, it needs to be structurally strong and possess the following desirable qualities.

  • Durable
  • Earthquake-Resistant
  • Weather
  • Long-Lasting

In the same way bones give rigidity and shape to animals, a building’s strength is defined by the TMT bars used in its construction. Therefore, the need for strong and flexible TMT bars is apparent. The quality of TMT bars determines how well the above necessary qualities are addressed.

iSTEEL is a pioneer in delivering TMT bars of the highest quality, with their expertise in the metallurgical process associated with the development of strong and flexible TMT bars dating to about 20 years. Veteran industry professionals are employed to meet the high standards set by the construction industry. For this reason, iSTEEL is the preferred partner of UltraTech cement in the UBS concept of Indian construction industry.

iSTEEL believes that a building should not only house the ones that built it but the generations hence. Strong and flexible TMT bars are fine but they should remain just that for a long period of time. iSTEEL XLS Long Life TMT bars are manufactured using cutting edge technology developed by the top minds.

Corrosion is a natural reaction that affects iron and steel. Problem is corrosion on steel bars tends to weaken the concrete structure it supports. Therefore, adequate countermeasures are needed to resist corrosion. iSTEEL XLS Long Life TMT bars have one of the lowest corrosion rates in the country.

Innovation breakthroughs have shown that Copper, a metal that has seen extensive use throughout the ages could deter corrosion. iSTEEL has incorporated the power of copper to augment it’s already strong and flexible TMT bars to the next level.

Factory fresh steel stands as a testament to iSTEEL’s promise to put the customer first. The manufacturing process is started only after orders are placed in order to maximize the construction usage.

iSTEEL suppliers pervade South India, with more than 300 dealers in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. With such a vast network of dealers, iSTEEL has established itself as one of the major players in the construction industry.

Life is unpredictable. Natural calamities like earthquakes cause widespread damage and loss of life. A building’s ability to withstand the onslaught of earthquake can be the line that separates life and death. iSTEEL strong and flexible TMT bars have a minimum elongation of 18% and uniform elongation of 6% that offers greater bend and rebend capabilities than most other TMT bar manufacturers. 

It is also notable that ISTEEL understands the importance of eco-friendly industry practices so as to preserve the environment. After all, if the future is not sustainable, it is not worth building long-lasting homes for future generations. Therefore, ISTEEL has committed itself to doing what’s right for a green and happy earth. 60% of the energy used in manufacturing process comes from renewable wind power.

Anyone looking to build long lasting and reliable homes would be wise to choose to use iSTEEL XLS TMT bars in the construction. To know more information visit here.