Why should you go with HDFC hybrid equity fund?

Why should you go with HDFC hybrid equity fund?

The HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund aims to create capital appreciation/profit from a portfolio primarily through equity-related instruments.

Aggressive Hybrid Fund:

  • 70.35% in Indian stocks
  • 44.12% in large-cap stocks
  • 7.7% in mid-cap stocks
  • 9.22% in small-cap stocks
  • 28.04% investment in debt
  • 9.2% in government
  • 17.8 % in funds invested in securities, very low-risk securities

HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund will allocate –

• Sixty-five percent -100 percent on equity and equity-related securities.

• 20% – 35% debt Securities (including secured debt) and monetary market instruments.

• 0-10 percent of REITs and invitations.

• Non-convertible preference shares of 0–10%.

Rolling return– The annual returns of the rolling return scheme are taken on each day/week/month for a specified period (rolling return period) and till the last day of the tenure.

HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund, Equity Strategy aims to build a portfolio of companies during market capitalization

• Proper growth prospects.

• Sound financial strength.

• Permanent Business Model.

• The acceptable valuation provides the potential for capital appreciation.

HDFC Hybrid Equity fund details      

  • Category: Hybrid: Aggressive
  • Launch Date: 01-04-2005
  • Asset Class: Mixed Asset
  • Benchmark: NIFTY 50 TRI
  • Expense Ratio: 1.77% As on ( 31-01-2020)
  • Status: Open Ended
  • Minimum Investment: 5000.0
  • Minimum Topup: 1000.0
  • Total Assets: 20,228 Cr As on ( 31-01-2020)
  • Turn over: 1.94

Funds Manager               

•             Mr. Amar Kalkundrikar and

•             Mr. Chirag Setalvad

Mr. Kalkundrikar has a B.Com, CA, CFA, and MBA from Columbia Business School. Mr. Kalkundrikar has 16 years of rich experience, of which 13 years are in equity research and portfolio management. Mr. Setalvad holds a B.Sc and MBA from the University of North Carolina.

Why should you go with HDFC hybrid equity fund?       

  • It is a foreign fund; everyone who starts building their portfolio must have an aggressive fund, one of them being an HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund.
  • It has a reasonable downside risk, good rewards, and low risk.
  • You can go to this retirement fund and save for the future of your child if you are a parent.

HDFC hybrid equity fund provides a good option when equity valuations decrease dramatically. This accumulation of funds provides stability in a volatile market environment, while they have the potential to generate better capital appreciation over the long term, due to significant asset allocation.

Many hybrid equity funds also took a quantum leap by investing in midcap stocks. Aggressive hybrid funds will give massive returns to the bull market with this aggressive allocation of equity. Often, many equity-diversified funds also outperform other schemes. These funds, such as HDFC hybrid equity fund, are ideal for active investors with a five-year investment horizon or more. If you are looking to invest in aggressive hybrid funds or hybrid equity funds, then make sure that the investments meet your financial objectives. If you are not sure how to align these strategies with your business or tax planning goals, consult your financial planner or investment advisor.