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Wool Mattress Pad and Its Beneficial Aspects

Wool Mattress Pad and Its Beneficial Aspects


Peaceful sleep is necessary for your body to function properly.

A healthy body and mind can only work in sync when you get an adequate amount of rest every day. Nevertheless, modern-day living and hectic work schedules have left a grave impact on our lives, as many of us deal with issues like insomnia and sleep apnea.

There are several recommendations that you can embrace to catch a good night’s sleep, like exercise, diet, and meditation. However, choosing the right bedding material goes a long way to bring about a wholesome change.

And while we talk about fabric, wool is seemingly that one material that has topped everything else in comparison. These days, several families in their penchant to usher in the blessings of organic life, are fast embracing the best of wool. So much so, that wool mattress pads are in huge demand across the market.

From imparting additional comfort, protection for your bedding, and being a sustainable and eco-friendly product, a wool mattress pad packs in the punch for all positive reasons.  

In this post, we are going to unravel the seven awesome benefits of a wool mattress pad that makes it a worthy investment for everyone.


All-Round Protection For Your Mattress 

Primarily, a wool mattress pad protects your bed mattress from dirt and dust. In essence, it does away with several disease-causing bacteria and potential allergens, which otherwise find an easy way to make us sick.

No More Worrying About Liquid Spillage

Spilling drinks on the bed? We’ve all done that sometimes, and one can only imagine the aftermath when the bed soaks all that–total mess! 

With a wool mattress pad in the picture, its rapid absorption power offers a longer spill-proof time and delay the liquid reaching the bed. 

So, whether it’s a glass of milk toppling over, or baby wetting issues, your mattress will stay protected as the pad cuts right in between.

All you need to do is to take out the pad, wash and dry it before re-use. 

Where Variety Is The Spice Of Life 

When it comes to a wool mattress pad, there are several varieties you can choose from depending on your budget and individual preference. 

For instance, you can go for lambswool or maybe a combination blend of alpaca and British wool that promises nothing but soft, loving texture. Other popular types include Cashmere, Mohair, Angora, and Merino to name a few. 

Effortless Cleaning 

wool mattress pad is super easy to clean. You can either put it in the washing machine or use your hands to rub off the dirt with soap and water. This is perhaps another feature of wool that beats other fabrics like synthetic which can be tricky to wash and involves a longer drying time. 

Wool inherently packs in repelling properties, which means it doesn’t allow the dust to settle in, unlike any other fabric. However, you should clean your wool mattress pad at least once a month to keep your bed free from allergens and bacteria accumulating over time. 

Because Wool Is Biodegradable 

An organic mattress pad is made of 100 percent sheep wool. That makes the product biodegradable and thus, can be recycled for further use. 

This is why stains don’t settle on them for long, and it also doesn’t allow any smell to pass through to the bed. 

Furthermore, if you are looking to change your mattress pad, you don’t have to worry about dumping it just about anywhere as it won’t cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment. 

Promises Extra Support And Cushioning

No matter how pricey your mattress is, over time it’s bound to turn saggy and witness lumps here and there–especially for innerspring models. 

Not only does it mars your sleeping experience, but contributes to recurring backaches and pain across several parts of your body. A wool mattress pad can significantly reduce such problems. It not only imparts balance to the whole structure of the mattress but also renders it firm and soft, leading to additional cushioning for ultimate comfort. 

Besides, a wool mattress pad adjusts itself to the shape of the person sleeping on, so that any movement you make while sleeping is in balance and doesn’t hurt in the process.

The Sustainability Factor 

Extracted from shearing sheep, lamb, goats, alpacas, and rabbits as well, organic wool is a highly sustainable material as its harvesting doesn’t cause any harm to nature. Also, it’s inherently a cruelty-free process where the well-being of the animals is given prime importance. 

In other words, the wool collected from shearing a sheep or a lamb grows back naturally within a few months and doesn’t endanger the animals in any way. 

Plus, the manufacturing process never uses any non-renewable resources or contributes to pollution, unlike other industry-grade products. 


Wrap Up 

There you go with all the awesomeness of a wool mattress pad that makes it a perfect companion for your bed mattress. 

For anyone who wishes to up the comfort and durability of their mattress, there is no fabric compared to wool that can do the job right. 

So, don’t wait up. Bring home a wool mattress pad today, and sleep better every time.